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What I have posted previously was true, and if you've read it, you obviously know the content, though I'm not exactly sure how you found this journal.  I'm not denying anything that happened, nor am I saying it was justified, but for my own sake I have removed the entry.  If you wish to discuss it further, you may contact me. 
THE MOON IS BLOODY RED!  It's lunar eclipse time and it's so cool!  It's nice to see the moon don a different hue every once in a while.  Spices things up.  Adds to the mystery of it's relationship with earth, I think the moon likes to keep the earth guessing.  Too bad we won't see the moon wearing this shade of crimson again until 2010.  This is a color only seen on special occasions!


love is like a rollercoaster, to use a trite analogy.  but seriously, why are things so happy and then so weird but then I feel bad for feeling like they're weird and then he goes and starts being all cute again and i feel really bad for thinking things were weird but i just need some affection ya know? is that too much to ask?  sorry for the sappy overload.   and the complaining overload, i promise more happy entries to come. i'm pretty much healthy again! that's happy!

Happy Lyndsey's Birthday!    and V-day.

Well, it seems that second semester is starting out with a bang, and with yet another disease.  No matter, I'm gonna fight the plagues like hell this year and I'm determined not to have another death semester.  I did go out on Saturday to the 90's party though, which admittedly was fun... for the first couple of hours.  Then I started getting really tired and shivery, and Lyndsey and Amanda had already left so I had to stay with Jack and his crew until he was done dj-ing.  so i went upstairs and slept in some random guy's room, who thankfully was out of town, but still that was just a bit creepy.  At about 2 we went home and jack carried me to the car, not because I couldn't walk, but because he put my shoes in the car with his other stuff before coming to wake me up.

The next day I felt like shit and the only noise I could get to come out of my mouth sounded like a screech owl dying of laryngitis while scraping its talons on a chalk board.  Needless to say, I didn't think it was a good idea to go to Lyndsey's super bowl party, but I did watch the game with mis padres and what a game it was!  Completely did not expect it to be as intense as it was.  The commercials really blew this year though. 

So now my voice is on the mend and I can talk again without inducing mass panic and making ears bleed, but I'm still coughing and my nose has taken to running nonstop, and I just don't have the endurance to keep up.  Anyway, I went into work after my last class,  with the intention of telling them that I didn't feel up to working and would be back in the morning.  Turns out I didn't have to.  Ian was there training my replacement.  Now that's a funny feeling.  I mean, yeah I know they have to replace me but I didn't expect them to find someone so soon.  I'll still be working there til I find another job but wow, I don't think I was ready to acknowledge how easily replaceable I am.  I guess I have to remember that I'm always disposable in this college environment because lab jobs are so sought after among students.  hooray for wake-up calls.

now i get to write a physics pre-lab.  yayyyy...

The sunglasses are famous.

Well, today I told my lab mentor guy, Dean, that I'm really not interested in pursuing the plant genetics job anymore.  I'm currently looking for another job in a more hands on - animal field to better suit my interests.  I'll still work in the old lab until I find a new job but it was still difficult to talk to Dean about it.  I mean, the people at my lab are great and they've treated me really well it's just not the field I want to be in.  I got all emotional when I was talking with him, but I really feel like I needed to do it.  Better now than to wait until they've got me wrapped up in some project.  And they took it really well too, I told them that I would stick around to train my replacement, but Dean said that probably won't be necessary and they are still letting me keep my job until I can find a new one which is very generous.  I just kinda feel like I'm breaking up with them though, which is a bizarre feeling to have about a job.

Anyway, the science center was AWESOME on Monday.  Thanks to Amanda, I didn't have to drive in St. Louis traffic to get there either :)  The body worlds exhibit was incredible.  It was a little creepy, I'll admit, but it was so cool to see human organs and to see the infrastructure of the body for real.  It was so artistically put together too, very bold, very astonishing and awe inspiring I would say.  I would highly recommend going to see it.  I know Kansas City is supposed to be getting a different body exhibit some time in February, so I might have to take my brother with me to go see that because he really wanted to go to this one in St. Louis. 

hmm, tis sleep time.  work in the mornin'.  school in 5 days........

Life Rolls On

So tomorrow I shall be journeying to San Louis with Jack, Jen, and Mason to witness the Body Worlds exhibit at the science center.  I'm so excited!  Science rocks my socks as anyone who knows me could tell you.  Amanda and Sean may join us in our scientific adventure to make it even more algebraic!  And there may possibly be dinner in the hill, maybe?  I haven't decided yet. 

Blarg, next week I'll be working in two labs as I transition back to my old one for the semester.  It means more mula but less time, and it means i go back to plant science.  bleh.  plant genetics is so boring.  but it's a job and i guess it gives me a good start into the research world.  I was talking with some old friends the other day though and Andrea's fiance Bobby works in a lab where they are trying to get glass beads small enough to be taken in by red blood cells, that way they could test blood glucose levels with a laser.  now that is some kickass research.  why can't I get into something like that?  oh well, a job is a job.

No word yet on whether there is going to be a funeral for Maria.  I don't know if I can go even if there is one, but I feel the need to pay my respects somehow.  I can't help but wonder why no one helped her and offered her protection when she asked for it.  Anyway, her family might not want a lot of people at the funeral because of all the press her story has recieved.  It's a shame and a tragic, horror that this kind of thing happens.


So, how do I approach this subject.

It's extremely bizarre to see someone you grew up with on national television.   Her face plastered all over the news, in a horrific tale that should never belong in the real world but something you only hear about in horror movies.  I went to school with this girl from kindergarten through eighth grade.  I was on her softball team in second grade, her dad was the coach.  She always had something encouraging to say whenever I stuck out.  The last I'd spoken with her was right before I moved to Missouri, she told me she was going into the marines.  I told her she was much braver than I and I wished her good luck.

Now Maria Lauterbach is dead.  She was sexually assaulted on the base she was stationed at and she was supposed to testify against the man who assaulted her.  Her remains were found in a shallow grave in his back yard yesterday.  She'd been missing for almost a month prior to this.  She was eight months pregnant.  I don't know what to say.  I don't know what to do.  Things like this shouldn't happen to good people.  And Maria did not deserve any of this. 

I hate how the media exploits her story and sensationalizes it.  People who never met maria or her family called into news stations to offer their speculations.  Some woman even dared to say that Maria's mom was a bad parent for mentioning adoption as an option for Maria's baby.  She doesn't fucking know them. Maria was adopted herself, what the fuck is it with people and criticizing others whom they have never come in contact with.  It pisses me off to no end.   Maria and her family do not deserve such disrespect.  No one does. 

Maria, I'm sorry I was never the friend I could have been.  This should never have happened to you.  I hope you are at peace and I hope your killer is brought to justice.

Please keep Maria and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


OH MAN, it's band trip time! so for my first official live journal entry i shall entertain the idea of the band trip.  busses, nakedness, instruments, flag poles, hotels, 4 mile walks to movie theaters, Texas, football games, holiday cheer, raucous games of "i never" and "truth or dare", and all other band festivities galore. omg band trip.  okay so, la banda is travelling to Dallas tomorrow for the Cotton Bowl and I could hardly contain my excitement so I had to start a journal, I guess.  We'll see if I keep it up, I usually avoid these things, but I'll give it a shot. 

The only thing I am slightly upset about in this whole Cotton Bowl ordeal is that I will be spending new year's eve in the lone star state, miles away from a certain ginger haired boy that I am quite fond of. le sigh.